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It is a health state of balance between the mind, the body, and the spirit that gives a feeling of well being.
How can one reach this state of wellness?

In order to reach a healthy state of being we must balance our lives in proper proportions in a way that gives us a sense of well being.

A way you can reach this state of mind is by balancing Work, Play, and Rest.

These three parts of life, well balanced can help in loosing weight, controlling depression, having more energy and getting rid of random pains that you may be suffering from. There are many other health conditions not listed that could be addressed just by balancing these components of life. By balancing them I don’t mean all three in equal proportions. Each proportion has to have an appropriate time. For example you must work a reasonable work week, sleep a reasonable amount of hours, and have fun doing activities that you like for a reasonable time.

Here are some examples how unbalancing these aspects of life can really affect your state of well being.

Being a workaholic can seriously affect your state of well being. You work too much, which means that when your home you likely are thinking often of work. Your mind is not resting. You also are likely not sleeping well or sleeping too few hours. You also may pass on friends asking you to go out with them and have fun. The lack of sleep does not allow your body to heal from a days activity. The lack of having fun does not allow your body to produce endorphins, the chemicals that give the feelings of enjoyment, your also not relieving the stress running in your head. This may eventually lead to poor eating habits, which may lead to disease. You may start gaining weight, which later will likely lead to depression. Your body may also begin to suffer from pain. You may wonder what is going on. Truth is, the body has had enough and begins to breakdown

The party person just has too much fun. No responsibility with work. May work just to work, finds no joy in work but gets the job done. Most of the time they’re thinking about going back to sleep. Their productivity suffers and their boss may not think much of them. This could lead to being fired. Now they may just sleep too much after having fun all of the time. At the same time laying in bed for long hours can hurt your body and it begins to breakdown. lack of activity along with mental challenges throws the balance off. Again this could lead to disease, weight gain, and depression, along with many other conditions.

The person that sleeps too much. Unfortunate this person is already in depression state. They have no energy, little interests, and would prefer just to sleep. the body basically has given up. As in the previous disease, weigh gain, or risky behaviors.

These examples are obviously extremes. At the same time any of these aspects of life can be thrown off balance which eventually lead to the same result. Balancing them out can definitely help in reaching a state of well being. It is never too late to try to balance life. The sooner you do it the better. keep in mind that having a healthy diet and nutrition also plays a major role in maintaining good health. 


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