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Chiropractic Care for Kids

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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids

An increase in chronic childhood disease is part of the reason parents today seek alternative health care for kids. Children often fail to communicate with their parents about any health problems, because they are not capable of expressing if something is wrong with them. They often suffer from neck, back pain, muscle spasms, radiculitis, leg pain, arm pain, constipation, stomach pains, and many other disorders. Chiropractic care is  an effective and affordable program by licensed providers that addresses  children’s health conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal  system. Gentle, noninvasive and drug free, chiropractic adjustments treat,  resolve and prevent a wide range of health problems. Recent research by the  International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) found spinal  manipulative therapy is safe and successful in treating children of all  ages.

Acute Conditions

Acute conditions may result from birth trauma, sports and accidental injury. Chiropractic care benefits children by correcting  the spinal alignment to improve their overall health. When vertebral joints are  misaligned during birth or from a blow or fall, muscle tissue and nerves may  also be affected. Spinal adjustment frees joints, restores motion and relieves  nerve pressure, which may be the cause of additional ailments. Parents report  successful treatment of children’s health issues such as acute earache, upper  respiratory infection, muscle pain, neck pain and accident trauma. Spinal  manipulation for children as young as newborn babies is an alternative treatment  for the discomfort of colic and other digestive disorders as well. Lets not forget that if children are involved in auto accidents they are injured as well. We are so used to saying that kids don't complain so they must be alright. That is far from the truth remember children often don't know how to communicate about what they feel. With really young children you can often feel spasms on their backs, their behavior changes after an accident. They might be more winy. So if your child was in a  CAR CRASH, have them evaluated by a professional. 

Chronic Conditions

Parents surveyed by the ICPA reported behavioral  improvement for kids who saw a chiropractor, as well as improved sleep and  stronger immune systems. Although scientific evidence in these areas is still  inconclusive, the growing number of those seeking children’s health care from  chiropractors (up 8.5% since 1991, according to the American Chiropractic  Association) is a positive endorsement of its benefits. Chiropractic America  reports that natural, drug-free chiropractic care is sometimes more effective  than traditional medical approaches for chronic earache, scoliosis and neck  pain. Headaches and sleep disorders of nonspecific causes respond well to spinal  adjustments, which affect and repair interrupted neural pathways. Asthma and  allergy symptoms and patterns of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)  may also be treatable with chiropractic.


Success in these areas has implications for chiropractic  care’s preventive capacity. Periodic ongoing adjustments at a young age may help  stave off the above ailments before they begin. Proper spinal alignment now may  delay or prevent degenerative bone or joint disease, such as osteoporosis and  osteoarthritis. In addition to maintaining children’s health, regular visits to  the chiropractor also instill the value of proactive health care in kids.  They’ll be more likely to monitor and manage their health as they grow up and  less likely to be afraid or in denial of any health problems. Encouraging good  lifelong health habits is one of chiropractic’s best benefits for  kids.


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